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The aim of the Turkish Doping Control center (TDKM), a Hacettepe University unit, is to; enable young people to do sport healthily, prevent unfair competition in sports, make doping and other chemical analyses, conduct fundamental and practical researches and projects, develop new techniques in this regard, collect data in light of the aims of the center, offer consultation services, become accredited according to the international standards and maintain the sustainability of the accreditations, and to cooperate with national and international institutions and bodies within the scope of the protocol provisions signed with the General Directorate of Youth and Sports and in cooperation with the relevant Faculties, Graduate and Applied Schools and Research and Application Centers.

Turkish Doping Control Center undertakes the following activities in light of the above-mentioned aims.

a) Preventing unfair competition in sports, enabling the sportspeople to do sports healthily and making the analysis of doping control samples obtained on an informed and uninformed basis in order to control doping and the studies of efficient fight against doping,

b) Conducting research-development and application projects regarding the doping evaluation and other chemical analyses, participate in and support such studies,

c) Making chemical analyses of the doping control samples obtained through the institutions of the Ministry of Sports and the national and foreign natural and legal persons,

d) Conducting, encouraging and coordinating required researches, offering consultation services,

e) Following the national and foreign developments regarding doping control and disseminating these developments in our country by preparing publications in this regard,

f) Arranging national and international panels, congresses, conferences and similar activities in order to inform the people of doping, calling and sending representatives and/or speakers in this regard,

g) Supporting the education of students, teaching staff and other personnel at every level regarding doping and other chemical analyses in cooperation with the relevant Faculties, graduate and Applied Schools, Research and Application Centers of Hacettepe University and other institutions and bodies outside the university, Arranging international certificate education and training programs in this regard,

h) Cooperating the national and international institutions and bodies



Turkish Doping Control Center